Nursing of premature babies


Bathe early children are permitted no earlier than 7-10 hours. Balneum should be done in a careful child bath, the temperature of a air in a toilet should not be below 25 degrees, h2o for bathing - 38 degrees. Bathe early babies up to 3 weeks to alone boiled water. Boiled water especially, stand to come out chlorine, so heat and diluted with cold-blooded boiled water to 38 degrees, for convenience, It is possible to use a careful children's thermometer. Immediately of the bathing to wrap the child in a bath wiper or flannel diaper, run to a soft and wear. Premature babies dressed warmer than full-term children.

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Tearfulness child


If the mom does not possess natural milk and the child is bottle-fed, it is desirable to give a child donor.

In this case, a baby of the donor must be the same age however being bottle-fed. This is influential, since a composition

Women's natural milk varies according to the age and a natural milk woman 18 years old whose baby is much older, does not bring much great. In this case, it's perfect to adapted formulas designed to feed children during a first 3 weeks of life.

Complicated feeding a newborn a 1-st month of life with a disease of a mum. In acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat, it may feed the child breast, while wearing a mask, done of layers of gauze 5.7 (you can get several of these masks for each feed). When an infectious disease of the child from her isolated and fed expressed natural milk pasteurized.

Physiological immaturity of the newborn's organism, occurring adverse pregnancy or childbirth may lead to unfavorable development of the central nervous system of a child, the so-called encephalopathy. He restlessly behaves, frequently wakes up crying a lot. Читать полностью -->

What may be hard


1. It happens that the attractive mother is lost to the new concerns, feel helpless in a tiny creature, which, in its opinion, and a hand are scared to take. She does not know as to hold the newborn. At first to help her have a medic and a nurse. They tell and show

How to care for newborns.

Newborn gently in his arms and put hold in a horizontal position, with his head bent at a elbow to the mitt. It is possible to hold it vertically, supporting his head with his hand. Читать полностью -->

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