Eating baby in 9 weeks is highly versatile.


At this age, your newborn is highly helpful porridge - except millet. The grain with which to prepare porridge for the child, want long to boil the aqua. Munk and oatmeal - 20 min, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a few hours. Only later, when the grits finally seethe, it is assorted with natural milk and however to boil again. When the porridge for a newborn is ready, it added natural butter - currently it is not indispensable seethe properly, child is grown. And wipe the mess through a sieve can be alone 1 time.

A most useful are yet buckwheat and oatmeal.

At 9 months, the newborn's time to give a fish dishes. Читать полностью -->

What to write child in winter


1. Envelope with ruffles, lace and bows area determines the sex of colors: pink or red, blue, or blue. A basic advantage of such a thing - it's a beautiful view for a photo with discharge from a hospital. Imagine the beloved photo on a husband with eyes moist with tenderness holding a parcel with a lacy small prince or princess, and a following you - with a splendid bouquet of flowers. Everything is lovely, but not extremely practical, because so a walk in a stroller in that envelope will be uncomfortable: it soiled, lace speedily spoiled and loses its form, sizing is alone suitable for a child child, and kids grow more fast and in 2 weeks may not get into him.

2. Soft blanket. Читать полностью -->

Retrograde blood in infants


In a early weeks children usually regurgitate a little capacity of milk or a mix of the feeding. If the quantity of retrograde blood a day not more than 5-6, the capacity of spit up diet food to 3 ml, and a baby at the like time feels great, gains weightiness and does not cry, do not worry, it may put some months and these items will come to naught. Retrograde blood in children are due to imperfections in the gastrointestinal tract. Infants short esophagus, a weak sphincter muscle 'tween a esophagus and the stomach, "fusiform" form of a stomach, a imperfect mechanism of fermentation - all this is a main anatomical and physiological causes regurgitation. It follows that if the newborn was born prematurely or has observed intrauterine construction, the process of growing gastrointestinal he will go on for 6-99 week.

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Gymnastics for children 9 to 12 weeks


Infants at this age appear and concerted movements that prepare a baby for life skills standing and walking. In the movements of a hand of dominant rightly mitt, particularly the index finger, small objects takes 2 hands, trying to pick up off the stocking.

Closer to the year along can not do general massage techniques, there is only massotherapy a abdomen and back. But gyms at 9 - 12 months, a child will be very valuable.

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A baby would not pick up a natural!


However much can you expect, it's been more than 12 hours following birth, and a baby does not pick up the natural?

Need to put decisive action. Mom to express her natural milk or colostrum and feed the baby. Colostrum can be mixed with glucose. Feed the best finger approach. If it is impossible to express her colostrum (the 1st hours of his hand to express correct than warm pump), for a first time may be given just water with glucose. Many children get to breastfeed when you are fed with a finger. Читать полностью -->

How to feed expressed natural milk


In a old hours, when a babies were breastfed by the hour, moms had after every feeding to express natural to a finish drop. This process was indispensable to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in gerls. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding on demand, so a natural milk will come as long so the newborn wants, and there is no should to decant. But there are cases in which get to feed a child your expressed natural milk, for example:

1. Mom goes to work, and the time to nourish the baby sitter or grandmother expressed milk. This will allow a mom to continue breast-feeding, and, despite the early exit from the decree to breastfeed how long however possible.

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