Giving a baby a pacifier


Using varied substitutes fresh, in particular, pacifiers, may not always be pleasant. The 1st thing to To the note is allergic activity. It's no secret that pacifiers are made of organic latex, which contains a large number of fractions of proteins, most of which allergen. Due to differences in sucking and pacifiers may disrupt the evolution of maxillofacial unit, which leads to malocclusion and speech therapy problems in a future.

We should not forget that the dummy is a constant source of infection for a crumbs. Which would not keep been vigilant parents, but a purity of pacifiers is almost impossible to see. A newborn will always throw it, it will rub on the various subjects and always get all a germs in the newborn's mouth, so into a intestine.

Another disadvantage of pacifiers - the require to wean her sucking newborn, when he grows up. Читать полностью -->

Eating baby in 9 months is much versatile.


At this age, your newborn is much helpful porridge - except millet. Any grain with which to prepare porridge for the baby, should long to boil a water. Munk and rice - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a any hours. Alone after, when any grits finally seethe, it is mix with milk and however to boil again. When the porridge for your baby is ready, it added natural butter - currently it is not indispensable boil properly, child is grown. And wipe the mess done a sieve can be only 1 time.

The most valuable are yet buckwheat and corn.

At 9 weeks, a child's time to give the crab dishes. Читать полностью -->

Tearfulness child


Such a child should frequently put on hand, you can rock falling asleep, give him a pacifiers at this time.

Leather newborn in the first month of your is sensitive and vulnerable, easily appear diaper rash, heat rash. Careful hygienic attention of the child, brief but mandatory during perepelenovyvaniya air baths (literally 1-3 minutes)

Will help to prevent these phenomena. If a face appeared little pustules or keep a discharge from a navel, immediately contact the medic.

What can a newborn by a end of a first month of life, the child may look of the approximately of Kimi-moving object. Can smile adult who was talking to him, he briefly detains look on her mother's face. If it is put on the stomach, it will strive to lift and hold their head.

Body mass of the baby increases by 500-600 grams, and the length of its body (growth) - 3 centimeter

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Baby care up to a year


Having a baby is a nice joy and, and the weightiness concerns and worries. Probably almost all mothers at first every 5 min to fit the child to check everything was in ordering, and very often it seems that something is improperly. Such mistrust at 1st, this is normal. After a child is how small and helpless? That may be however, but at the same time, the infant is very strong and tough, they extremely well adapted to the environment, we should remember that! However, leave unnecessary anxiety, and take a allies close efforts to every manifestation of the child. Panic and fear not great for either a newborn or mother, but at a same time, it is great not to miss any warning signs. Lovely if there nearby doctor who trusts the mom, in case of want his advice will help dispel the doubts and anxieties.

Of course, a very important moment in a attention of a newborn under one year is cleanliness and hygiene. Читать полностью -->

Preparing for a new newborn dill water


Most babies suffer bloating or "colic", which are caused by bloating, because a digestive system is adapted to eat newborn meal with outside. It has long been known that the most effectual and safe remedy for relief of child dill h2o is. This h2o can be purchased at pharmacies in finished shape. It may also be called fennel water (or Plantex) how fennel - is pharmacy dill. Dill water can be prepared for a newborn and yourself.

Cooking dill h2o for a newborn - the process is not gravely and not expensive. To do this, take the fennel seeds (1 teaspoonful), which may also be purchased in retail networks, and 100 milliliters of aqua. Читать полностью -->

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