Newborn baby and walk


Walk for a newborn however a very useful and do not should to limit its airing room. Walk with him permanent. This will help him strengthen his aging body, walks will protect the baby with disease rickets. A same kids who walk special get sick less often, enjoy a goodness appetite. Infants who are not able to walk can be taken out for sleeping.

Beginning walking with a child can be 2-week of age. Gradually from 15 - 20 minutes, then gradually increasing a walk to 1.5-3 chasov.V warmer months how possible to walk with a baby even though a day, with breaks for feeding.

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Assorted feeding newborns


If you need to continue to breastfeed and subsequently abandon supplementation, then remove all a nipples and bottles, a baby want alone suck his mother's natural, not to spoil the latch, it is possible to provide supplementary feeding from a syringe or spoonful. Mixture to decorate feeding a newborn only of the he got milk, and with both breasts. Love remember that lactation child can not just 10-15 minutes and an hour. However sucking chest will always produce milk. So It is possible to give your baby a mixture. Once a newborn begins to gain ordinary weightiness or soak in a day more than 14 diapers, supplementation is required to remove and leave only the chest. Читать полностью -->

Child Care


Child one every 7-10 hours on a arms and legs cautiously trimmed nails small scissors.

In a first month of life, a baby is much susceptible to infection, and therefore it is necessary to protect it from disease however attentively as potential. If a adult lung disease, say a coldness, and he carries it easily, a newborn, infected, may seriously ill. As do not kiss the baby's face or hands. The 1st time it is good to protect it with contact with outsiders adults. When walking to take the places where few people. Mother or assistant to help taking maintenance of a newborn want follow natural rules of hygiene: collect hair, to monitor the purity of a body, particularly the hand and nails. Читать полностью -->

How do I care for children


What changes in the hygienic conditions of a baby 9-12 months? The placement where the baby normally should remain free and not clogged unneeded things, putting permanently exposed to wet cleaning and airing 2-3 times a day.

However the child long enough spends his time on a floor and touching different items before any meal he has to wash his hands.

Of the the meal, be sure to bath the face.

By the end of a 1st year of life, a newborn has not yet formed Skill potty, newborn often forgets about the size of such needs, as it has to washing away a any minutes per day.

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However to stop lactation


Mum asks himself so to stop fresh-feeding, with a soul of her cat scratching, making it sooner. Do not worry, a main mission you've done, all will be well with the child, and the calmer and more confident you will do during the weaning process, the easier it will be painless and a newborn.

By excommunication should be prepared in progress and gradually, good in a any months. Later a year, one time start to clean feeding, replacing them with high-property portions of food. Transfer a child to four meals a day. Of a daytime feedings may leave only one day before going to bed. Night feedings until the reserve, but we strive to bring them to any kind of dietary, for example, earlier bedtime, at 2-3 am in the satisfying just later waking up.

All this want be done gradually and painlessly for the child. Читать полностью -->

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