Bath time:


An important consideration is the time it will be held in a water. Not necessarily to bathe the baby in the evening. At minutes, this leads to overstimulation child and poor sleep. Why, It is possible to swim in the first and afternoon. The time spent in a h2o, depending on a child. As soon how he tired, he will indignant cry. Читать полностью -->

And any more tips seasoned mothers.


If the crumb frequently spit up and eats lots, strive to feed him a little more often, but smaller portions. This food will not cause gastric distension, and, so, retrograde blood. After feeding, the baby did not bother, do not swaddle him tight tummy newborn need be relaxed, and not squashed by rubber sliders to excess air out easier. After feeding a baby diarrhea column around 15-20 minutes. Be sure to clean a mucus from a nose toddler, because often swallow air is due to the absence of nasal breathing. Breast-feeding, make sure that that does not crumb nose rested in a chest, pick a convenient for you and your child feeding posture. Читать полностью -->

Dad and child


Man is by nature trapped and bound in their emotions, so the mum must always help her husband to come into contact with the newborn.

Should begin how early so pregnancy, tell a next pope that you feel apply his mitt to his stomach, let him feel a baby kicking. Be sure to take along on her husband's scheduled ultrasound. When he sees the child on the screen, hear a beating some heart, you will understand that in your, there was something incredible and magical. Usually rightly following ultrasound beautiful dad beginning talking tummy, stroking it. Scientists enjoy already shown that while in the womb, children hear the intonation and voice, how when a attractive father for a 1st time takes a child in his arms and said to him, a kid has a loved one feels and behaves quietly.

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However a lot of scat 30 days old baby


All nice mothers prone to feelings that your newborn has something to happen, how the slightest substitute in a baby's behavior is cause for panic. Most moms worry questions whether enough newborn natural milk, if he is not hot or cold-blooded, as much cocoa month-old newborn and stuff same that. Main matter with a chair of a child is more acute for every mum, because he has the ability to be constantly changing. That kid pooping up to 10 times daily, that does not go to the bathroom for a some days.

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Feeding child


A child must be fed on require, he knows exactly when and so much he needs to eat.

For best relationship in babies and a moms, they want be together skin to skin all time and night (see skin to skin). When a newborn is ready he will be for a chest. It is great immediately following birth to allow a mother and child to be in close facial skin-to-face so much time however you request to "find" any other, it will not face the question of non-warm. Put the newborn for 5 min. To a natural - it's like nothing to do. They must be together until the baby himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Читать полностью -->

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