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If your crumb frequently spit up and eats lots, strive to nourish him a small more frequently, but smaller portions. This food will not cause gastric distension, and, why, retrograde blood. Later feeding, a child did not bother, do not swaddle him tight tummy baby should be relaxed, and not squashed by rubber sliders to excess air out easier. Following feeding the child diarrhea column about 15-20 min. Be sure to polish the mucus with a nose toddler, because often swallow air is due to a absence of nasal breathing. Breast-feeding, do sure that that does not crumb nose rested in a chest, select a convenient for you and your child feeding posture. If a newborn spits up large amounts of meal, gain gravity poorly, restless, be sure to consult a physician, such phenomena may be the cause of various pathologies that can reveal the pediatrician, neurologist, gastroenterologist, pediatric surgeon. Normally by 6 months, children start to spit up less often, and by this year itself passes.

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