What to pick up to the hospital for discharge:


These things have not to pull ahead.

On a time of discharge relatives bring:

Clothes for mom. In order not to be trapped, good pick up things that are worn during pregnancy. Because a stomach does not go so fast, and the other can not climb.

For a newborn, take things with elements of blue or pink depending on the sex of the baby:

Baby's loose jacket


Diapers (little and big)



Area and a ribbon.

Take a prescribing camera or camcorder (can both) to this beautiful moment in your life was at a photograph. This point is especially influential!

In a cold season (fall, source, winter) in addition to the required statement:

Heartwarming hat

Hot blanket

The list of what to take to the hospital for himself and child ends.

P.S. On some occasion the confection gifts and flowers for nurses that will create a child, and the other doctors at will.

I sincerely wish you to easily transfer a labor and give birth to a strong healthy baby! Happiness of the family and home!

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