Giving a baby a pacifier


Using varied substitutes fresh, in particular, pacifiers, may not always be pleasant. The 1st thing to To the note is allergic activity. It's no secret that pacifiers are made of organic latex, which contains a large number of fractions of proteins, most of which allergen. Due to differences in sucking and pacifiers may disrupt the evolution of maxillofacial unit, which leads to malocclusion and speech therapy problems in a future.

We should not forget that the dummy is a constant source of infection for a crumbs. Which would not keep been vigilant parents, but a purity of pacifiers is almost impossible to see. A newborn will always throw it, it will rub on the various subjects and always get all a germs in the newborn's mouth, so into a intestine.

Another disadvantage of pacifiers - the require to wean her sucking newborn, when he grows up. Here begins a host of questions. But still if the baby continues after soother sucking her hands, so perhaps it is perfect to allow him to apply a like occasionally hollow.

Parents often use a soother for other purposes. At the 1-st case, trying to shove it into her mouth baby, rather than go to the baby to take the hand quiet. Because of this, a baby is deprived of certain emotional components.

However a answer to a rhetorical problem - whether to give a child a soother, a parents decide.

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