Tearfulness child


Such a child should frequently put on hand, you can rock falling asleep, give him a pacifiers at this time.

Leather newborn in the first month of your is sensitive and vulnerable, easily appear diaper rash, heat rash. Careful hygienic attention of the child, brief but mandatory during perepelenovyvaniya air baths (literally 1-3 minutes)

Will help to prevent these phenomena. If a face appeared little pustules or keep a discharge from a navel, immediately contact the medic.

What can a newborn by a end of a first month of life, the child may look of the approximately of Kimi-moving object. Can smile adult who was talking to him, he briefly detains look on her mother's face. If it is put on the stomach, it will strive to lift and hold their head.

Body mass of the baby increases by 500-600 grams, and the length of its body (growth) - 3 centimeter

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