Feeding preterm babies


In hospitals LBW and preterm infants placed in an incubator, so transferred to the department for premature babies, where you again are in incubator until they gain the 2.5 kilogram, then a mom with a child is sent home. Often babies are born however a result of cesarean section delivery may be heavy, which also affects a child's condition. Often, a 1st any days a baby is in intensive attention, because he has seen problems with breathing.

If pipsqueak authorities can not create meal, it has no sucking and swallowing reflex, a baby is fed through a tube, often a digestive tract of the child can not put even a tiny portion of milk or a mix, and it is indispensable to introduce vitamins, immunoglobulins and nutrients by injection. Of course, this complicates a problem of the correct set of weights, and sometimes gives up on lactation your newborn. But all this being said, medical problems, and a doctors are doing all you can to save a life of a child. Mum in this situation claim to be patient, to pray to God for a life of the child, the moral support of his crumbs and try by all means to preserve milk.

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