Breast-feeding a newborn


Breastfeed a baby should even in cases of the disease go another. If mum got sick, feeding the newborn on it will not substitute, to be sure - he did not get sick.

It want not, as soon as possible to introduce solid foods. Breast feeding newborn solid foods should be introduced no earlier than six weeks. End it need be up to three years of age, but not earlier than 2 years. But know this, that after a year and a 0.5 natural feeding should take put only before and of the a night's sleep.

Breast-feeding a child is not getting better in a couple of weeks and months. Natural milk mom - a most complete diet food for the child. Milk and enables you to cultivate comfortably and for such a power does not demand sterilizing bottles, which takes a long time.

When breast-feeding a baby immunity to variant diseases: these kids are very rarely sick, and if they get sick, so extremely speedily healed.

Breast milk promotes proper development of the immune, nervous and digestive systems.

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