Sleeping baby on his stomach


Proponents of the opposite view, saying that sleeping child on his stomach promotes helf discharge of jeep, which is more influential for children with one to three months. It turns out that a newborn is same massaging the tummy, which has a good impact on the work of the intestine. Also children who sleep in this position, keep your head rather beginning than a peers. A main thing that parents request to do is pick the grade and quite stiff and do not use a mattress pad. Periodically rotate a baby's head from one side to a other, not to numb your neck skin muscles. Another benefit to this form of sleep, is that you do not have to worry approximately is a fact that the crumb can drown in spit-up. Following lying down, however it just can not make.

At the end of all written above, I need to say is that no problem what version you are inclined, the kid done his choice, because it is alone up to him, how is comfortable sleep. But a helf and comfortable position, provide a appropriate strong and healthy sleep!

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