What to write child in winter


1. Envelope with ruffles, lace and bows area determines the sex of colors: pink or red, blue, or blue. A basic advantage of such a thing - it's a beautiful view for a photo with discharge from a hospital. Imagine the beloved photo on a husband with eyes moist with tenderness holding a parcel with a lacy small prince or princess, and a following you - with a splendid bouquet of flowers. Everything is lovely, but not extremely practical, because so a walk in a stroller in that envelope will be uncomfortable: it soiled, lace speedily spoiled and loses its form, sizing is alone suitable for a child child, and kids grow more fast and in 2 weeks may not get into him.

2. Soft blanket. This is a standard item, reminding us of the past, because it was wrapped in a blanket discharged all Soviet winter children. On top of the blanket wrapped a newborn in a diaper area with lace and tie a bright ribbon. Cheap variation, but if you're going to put the crumbs from the hospital in a car seat, it will not work, and is not tight swaddling a newborn needs.

3. Quilt-transformer. Extremely convenient and practical thing, are sold in a variety of colors, It is possible to easily do yourself, choosing your beloved fabric and trim. It represents a blanket that with zippers and Velcro pocket or in a rightly put turns into a fine envelope with a hood. A nice of this item is that it will last you a some months, because following a envelope held in a winter, you can turn it into a practical blanket and use it in the crib or stroller. Blanket convertible runs on sinteyponovoy strip, however it is necessary to pick a warm fleece unitard.

4. Envelope on a sheepskin. Item is highly soft, helf in the harsh winter, a lot of mothers apply it later however a cover on foot in the stroller, in the sled. Modern manufacturers make them in variant colors and types, and a pair of bright ribbons decorate it and do the statement more grandiose and great. Pay note to a models with exceptional slots for mounting the seat.

5. Soft envelope. Pick up a insulated envelope on sinteypone, feathers or holofaybere. It will dish up you faithfully and of the discharge in winter walks, but it may be small in a start of spring (even though it is yet cold). If you select up a child in atokresle buy envelope with slots for seat belts.

6. Soft overalls or coveralls bag. Lack of overalls - is a difficulty of putting a child. Babies are unconsciously moving arms and legs and have into a leg is complicated. May come to a aid of this model, as coveralls with sleeves, but instead of legs in it bag, it a baby may safely pull legs and he will heartwarming and comfortable.

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