Goodies night Breast-feeding


In the past, pediatricians banned mums at night to feed babies, were advised to give at night only sweetened h2o. But of the a night of Lactation pros enjoy been proven by experts, recommendations pediatricians were replaced by purely opposite: at night to feed a babies, but only when a child is himself asks, wake it especially for night feeding is not necessary. The good capacity of night feedings keep not only a health of the newborn, but the mum. Of great importance is a psycho-emotional state of the mother and baby. Moreover, it is believed that during a night breastfeeds more fully.

Let us examine the ordering in the pros night breastfeeding. Waking up at night crying crumb, not only because he wanted to eat, and also because she wants to maternal warmth, or you request to change your baby diaper, his concern jeep in a tummy or erupting teeth. Clutching a child to her, she gives him the warmth and confidence in a defense. So often at night baby eats extremely little and speedily falls asleep. This is facilitated by particular substances that are found in breast milk. Uridine, adenosine and guanosine with time decay in female natural milk, which is why it is however significant to feed the child, putting a natural or svezhestsezhennym natural milk. Found in fresh natural milk and the substances involved in the gastrointestinal tract of the baby. And it contains substances that protect the newborn from a mouth stomatitis.

Warm milk - a perfect dish for a night feeding a baby. My mother did not have to get up and make a mixture, rather a newborn to the fresh. In addition, natural milk is digested by the body of a child correctly and it does not strain a digestive system.

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