Eating child in 9 weeks


Closer to the year of his your child is able to chew your own items of food. Feeding a baby at 9 months are of reasonable proportions 'tween breast milk, pureed food and fresh food that the baby receives in a shape of more little pieces.

At this phase of your the child breast natural milk must be no more than a third of the total regimen. All in all, a child of 9 months want eat approximately 1, 200 meals a day can. Juices, kompotiki and water do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal may be purchased at specialty babies's stores, but it will be good to prepare them yourself.

At 9 months, the baby should give purees of fresh fruits, raw vegetables and herbs. Cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, fresh apples, pears, peas, carrots, variant types of cabbage are converted into puree and mix well with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If a crumbs do not similar approximately fresh vegetables, so It is possible to give them at least twice and still seethe h2o replacement.

At this age the newborn along has a some teeth, so it can cope with little items of food. Читать полностью -->

Lactation a child


Highly momentous for lactation a baby sucking a milk and fluid and thick, but otherwise it just does not eat, and after a short time again asks to eat. Lactation a child may be considered udavshimsya when the child will be a lovely gain weight.

About the size of five months child and a 1/2 hours will suck only one fresh, and after 5 months - at a feeding once both.

Breastfeeding toddler may fail if a mom will do some mistakes:

In no case must not express natural milk following every feeding, it is indispensable alone if a mother is in the hospital, and the baby at home. We moms are always produced how much milk however a baby would eat.

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Newborn Newborn - additional necessary procedures


Cutting nails - with a evolution of your baby's nails want to trim it. This is usually enough to do once a 7 days. Nail clippers good buy exceptional children's scissors.

Candy crust on the scalp or dandruff - in babies is that the crust is formed on a head, the brown of his worry causing itching. Browned on the head or the need to remove dandruff.

However to remove a crust with a baby's head. 2-3 hours before bathing child grease thick head sunflower oil or mineral butter. Later bathing, you can schesat beautiful comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a child

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Why do not sleeping newborn


Sleeping newborn is one of the general indicators of child hygiene. Most certainly is not indicative of Dreams in the night, and the number of hours that a child is resting. It as happens that my mom go to a medical man with a complaint that the baby has very little sleep. When a physician and her mom counted the total number of hours that a newborn sleeps, it turns out that the child pours position for his age norm. True mother that does not help, because when a newborn is sleeping Thirty minutes, then Thirty minutes and as awake all day, she is small or does not get time to eat or sleep or do household chores, not to mention the rest and service. What are the reasons that a child is not sleeping?

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Sleeping baby on his stomach


Proponents of the opposite view, saying that sleeping child on his stomach promotes helf discharge of jeep, which is more influential for children with one to three months. It turns out that a newborn is same massaging the tummy, which has a good impact on the work of the intestine. Also children who sleep in this position, keep your head rather beginning than a peers. A main thing that parents request to do is pick the grade and quite stiff and do not use a mattress pad. Periodically rotate a baby's head from one side to a other, not to numb your neck skin muscles. Another benefit to this form of sleep, is that you do not have to worry approximately is a fact that the crumb can drown in spit-up. Читать полностью -->

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